Why Nexus?

Nexus Logistics is a national intermodal supply chain solution business offering container logistics and distribution services underpinned by strong collaborative principles. Nexus Logistics understands the role played by domestic transport costs and the lead time to market associated with containerised exports and imports. These supply chain elements affect both:

  • The competitiveness of New Zealand exporters; and
  • The price of imported goods for New Zealand consumers

Nexus Logistics offer customers an end to end logistics solution that challenges the industry status quo by providing choice. To achieve this we work with all New Zealand ports, shipping companies, road, rail and coastal transport services to provide a comprehensive, independent, intermodal container logistics and distribution solution focused on the nationwide domestic and import/export sectors.

nexus: noun [nek-suh s]
A connection or series of connections linking two or more things; the nexus between industry and political power.
• a connected group or series.
• the central and most important point or place.
ORIGIN mid 17th century:
from Latin, ‘a binding together’ from nex- ‘bound’ from the verb nectere.